About Us

IVYnode collaborates with artists, researchers, performers, directors, scientists and many other professionals which are willing to share their skills in a transdisciplinary environment based on interconnection, ispiration, desire to share and to learn.

The aim is to bring together people from different backgrounds, experiences and knowledges, involving local communities, organizations, private persons, public institutions, for working together in a multi- and interdisciplinary environment, with a focus on culture, art, science, ecology, health and innovation.

We believe that communication, creativity, interraction are fundamental instruments for building a community where the different actors of the society cooperate together, rediscovering the importance of social relationships for a human dimension.


We offer one prize to the independent artists, who will participate in AUTENTICA Unconventional Art Fair, with the title “EVERYTHING LOOKS VERY STRANGE TODAY”.
Among the various works presented, IVYnode will select a winner based on the quality of the proposed artistic project and on the interpretation of the theme “The Mirror”, oriented mainly to a reflection on identity.

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We interract with local communities, organizations and institutions building bridges together by organizing and supporting events, workshops, seminars in different part of the World. We create cultural exchange projects which have a closer bond with the territory, the community and the environment.

Hereby some of the projects we supported and collaborate with:

MEAM International Sculpture Workshop

IVYnode organized the 1st International Sculpture Workshop patronized by MEAM

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Becomebecome is a non-profit programme for art residencies and masterclasses

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A unique space where co-working, art and wellbeing blend

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Sound + Environment 2017

Artists and scientists exploring the ways sound can deepen our understanding of environments

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Made of Walking,

International peer to peer gathering dedicated to walking arts and sound arts

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