Spring 2021

We want to celebrate it”

Beginning 21 May 2021

Artist in Residence in Montserrat – Catalunya

The new Artist in Residence Program is based in Montserrat, in Catalunya, in a house in the contryside with 50.000 meter square of territory to explore.
This Program has the intention to be an homage to the Spring 2020, that many people didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy due to the lockdown restrictions not only in Spain but also in many other parts of the world.

It wants to be an imertion into Nature, that wakes up after a long Winter.

The artists will be housed in an old country house, very basic, that could also appear uncomfortable. The water is that of the well and since this year was not a rainy year, it is needed to adapt and try to “give value above all to water”.
The place is surrounded by nature and is particularly suitable for long walks.
It is a place to disconnect, go back to basic things, and rediscover one’s own dimension.

We have already selected some artists that will join us in this new experience.
Before arriving in Montserrat the artists will stay a couples of days in Barcelona, for having the opportunity to immerse in the frenetic rhythm of the city life and its attractions.
This allows to perceive the strong contrast between city and countryside, giving the impression to
moved into another dimension, not only in space but also in time.

Living away from the city, in a house that does not have all the comforts, adapting to the surroundings, giving the opportunity to the artists to savor the slow pace and to be welcomed by nature.

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