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IVYnode is an innovative and contemporary art project, which aims to create an international platform with the collaboration of artists, researchers, performers, directors, writers, art critics, scientists and many other professionals which are willing to share their skills in a transdisciplinary environment based on interconnection, ispiration, desire to share and to learn.

The aim is to connect people with different backgrounds, experiences and knowledges, that believe in the importance of culture, art, science, environment and innovation. We trust on the importance to involve small local communities, organizations, enterprises, private and public institutions, by creating a “new space”, where each individual can develop his work and creativity, experimenting new models and integrating them in local context.

We believe that communication, creativity, interraction are fundamental instruments for building a community where the different actors of the society cooperate together, rediscovering the importance of social relationships for a human dimension. To realize the projects, IVYnode collaborates which those who share similar programs and principles, supporting and organizing workshops, labs, artistic residences, conferences and festivals, making available its network of contacts and knowledge.

Our team is made by artists, curators, professionals in the art and culture sector who work alongside the various projects and who bring value through their commitment and professionalism. We are always open to new forms of collaboration and projects in which we can bring our skills and competences to succeed.

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