24 June 2018 – IVYnode, as a local organizer, with the collaboration of Stazione dell’Arte and BecomeBecome, organized a day of meetings with debates, workshops, presentation of projects, with local artists and the international artists, who took part in the BecomeBecome Artistic Residence.
Stazione dell’Arte was the meeting point for the Symposium “Transdisciplinary Narratives – Call to Origins“, and the guests were confronted on the topic of Origins, starting each one from their own disciplinary path.


What does it mean to connect to origins? Are they located in the past, future or both? What role do our surroundings play in connecting to our roots? Can we connect to our roots through someone else’s work? The transdisciplinary approach would like to involves the work of the well-known Sardinian artist Maria Lai (1919-2013), her pieces have been exhibited at the 2017 Venice Biennial, and her work is strongly connected to the theme of ‘origins’ and to the local community of Ulassai.

Maria Lai’s work, besides being very tied to the theme of origins, is also declared by historiography as one of the first artists experimenting Relational Art in Europe. She has in fact overturned the relationship between artist and observer, making people become the true author of the work, and it is a new way of thinking and practicing art. In this context, the intent is also to continue this work of interrelation by bringing together artists, researchers, and the community, by creating a space for dialogue and interaction.

Stazione dell’Arte Museum, in addition to showing the art of Maria Lai, is also committed to carry on her work, engaging in local and international dialogue on art that finds creative ways to involve viewers around the theme of origins.

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