“Simposium Su Bixinau”

31st May – 2 June 2019

Festival Sant’Arte in San Sperate

The Artist of the Art Residency in Nurri are invited to the Symposium “Su Bixinau” in San Sperate. The Symposium will take part during the Festival Sant’Arte (now at the third edition, after the prelude in 2017 and the first edition in 2018). The Festival is focus on visual and performing arts and is organized by Fondazione Sciola , who promotes the work of Pinuccio Sciola and carries on the artist’s thought. The theme of the Symposium is “Su Bixinau”, the neighbourhood. Each participant is invited to present his own prospective starting each one from their own disciplinary path and personal experience, creating a moment of exchange and interaction with local inhabitants and local artists attending the Festival Sant’Arte.
During the 3 days Festival board and lodging were offered by Fondazione Sciola and the partecipants were hosted in the Scuola degli Scalpellini where Pinuccio Sciola used to teach the techniques of sculpture. The artists had the possibility to know and appreciate the work of Pinuccio Sciola by visiting the open air Museum Giardino Sonoro and by walking on the street of the village.

This year IVYnode has chosen Pinuccio Sciola as “Inspiring Artist” for the theme “Su Bixinau” since his work is intrinsically linked to the territory, his village and the streets of the San Sperate. Pinuccio Sciola (1942-2016) is one of the most famous artists in Italy and even exhibited in the Venice Biennale. He is known for his original and poetic sculptures which have a sound. He had been able to transform the limits and hostility of his land into an unprecedented resource. His artistic career started with a scholarship in 1959 that allowed him to attend the Cagliari Art School, the Art Institute of Florence and later the International Academy of Salzburg where he follows the courses of Minguzzi , Kokoschka, Vedova and Marcuse. Thanks to his work and interventions with mural painting, the village of San Sperate, where he has been born, is now a Museo a cielo aperto (Open Air Museum).

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