IVYnode offers one prize to the independent artists, who will participate in AUTENTICA Unconventional Art Fair, with the title “EVERYTHING LOOKS VERY STRANGE TODAY”. Among the various works presented, IVYnode will select a winner based on the quality of the proposed artistic project and on the interpretation of the theme “The Mirror”, oriented mainly to a reflection on identity.
The selected artist will have the opportunity to participate in one of the IVYnode projects for next year 2019: exhibition, artistic residence, festival or happening. The organization will define which project will be offered, and will take care of the costs of participation.






An Expo Space which will be presented at Authentic Art Fair, proposing the work of selected artists, who have distinguished themselves for the quality of the work and for the admirable collaboration. The work of our international artists will crete a frame in which each piece reflects its own character and individuality, but at the same time form a strong homogeneity of the whole, which allows to enhance the beauty, power and intensity of each single work.





IVYnode, strong of the connection with the Sardinian community, is helping in the organization of the 4th  BecomeBecome art residency in Nurri with the theme “A call to Origins”. Through a range of practical labs, the peer-to-peer methodology will help bring forth effective inspiration and create unexpected new developments for the various projects proposed by the participants. The program includes:

Exhibition in the Monastery of Santa Rosa in Nurri (a unique and evocative convent of the seventeenth-century)

Symposium at the Ulassai Museum of Modern Art, Fondazione Stazione dell’Arte, the ambitious project of the great artist Maria Lai. During the Symposium there will be workshops and labs involving the community local and international artists, interacting with each other through creative workshops.



MEAM 2nd Scupture Workshop

IVYnode in collaboration with the artist Mer Jiménez Marrodán and the patronage of the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) of Barcelona is welcome to propose the 2nd Workshop of the Sculpture which will take place in Turégano, in the province of Segovia (Spain). The workshop is aimed for both beginners and experts and the participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledges about the techniques of sculpture of human anatomy.


IVYnode collaborates with artists, curators, researchers, writers, scientists and professionals who are willing to share their skills in a transdisciplinary environment based on the exchange of knowledge and the desire to learn. The aim is to bring together specialists with different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge, to work on topics such as culture, art, science, ecology, health and innovation, involving at the same time small local communities, public or private organizations.
IVYnode builds its roots on communication, creativity, interaction, which are fundamental tools for building a community in which the different actors of society cooperate, rediscovering the importance of social relations in the human dimension. To realize its projects, it collaborates which those who share similar programs and principles, supporting and organizing events and labs, artistic residences, conferences and festivals, making available its network of contacts and knowledge, creating a place of synergy and exchange where art, culture and creativity can emerge.