“A Call to Origins”

19 – 27 June 2018 – Sardinia

Become Become Art Residence



IVYnode is working together with  BecomeBecome at the 4th Nomadic Art Residency BecomeBecome taking place in Nurri, Sardinia in collaboration,  Stazione dell’Arte Museum of Contemporary Art, the Monastery of Santa Rosa, and the Municipalities of Nurri and Ulassai.

This full-immersive journey investigates practical approaches to the theme ‘A Call to Origins’. During this 9-day residency in the heart of Sardinia, we will have a unique opportunity to transform, make, and exhibit our work in the Monastery of Nurri and the surrounding area. We choose Sardinia and in particular the interior of the island, in a calm environment rich with history, mystery and magnetism for disconnecting from the outside and move towards an intimate space.
Becomebecomers will also participate at the Symposium on transdisciplinary education organized in collaboration with Stazione dell’Arte – Museum of Contemporary Art

Through a range of practical labs, perception strategies and subconscious expeditions with dreams, intuition, synchronicity, body lab, our peer-to-peer methodology will bring forth effective inspiration and create unexpected new developments for your art or research project.
We will visit places of archeological interest known from their strong magnetism and we will explore the territory, connecting with the nature and the surrounding.

​The Municipality of Nurri will provide the use of the Monastery of Santa Rosa annexed to the Church, dating both back to the XVII century. We are invited to use the space and to get inspiration for creating the art project and the final exhibition.


In addition to the exhibit, becomebecomers are invited to participate to a symposium organised with, and hosted by, Stazione dell’Arte Contemporary Art Museum, the symposium is an invitation to a day of exchange, project presentations and labs taking place at the museum.
Becomebecome participants are given a platform to present art and research on “A Call to Origins”  that is distributed, peer-to-peer, process-based, and grow beyond the limits of conventional art spaces to reach individuals of local and global communities.

One of the important inspirations for this gathering is the well-known Sardinian artist Maria Lai, whose work is strongly connected to the theme of ‘origins’ and uses diverse outdoor and indoor spaces to present engaging work which grows beyond the boundaries of traditional art spaces. Her pieces have been exhibited at the 2017 Venice Biennial and Stazione dell’Arte, in addition to showing her work, is committed to engaging in local and international dialogue on art that finds creative ways to involve viewers around the theme of origins.



During the residency, you will stay in the Hotel Istellas, on the shores of Lake Flumendosa, 3 kilometers away from the village, in a unique landscape for artists to connect with the nature and the surronding.
Each participant will share the room with someone else. Breakfast and one meal is included in the price.


The territory offers an extraordinary concentration of trace of the past and there are many settlements of great archaeological interest that have turned into a cultural point of reference.
Nuraghi, Menirs, Domus de janas, Tombs of Giants built mostly between 3400 and 2700 BC, dated to the late Neolithic, Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age.
It is a suggestive place to explore.


Who can apply?

Artists, curators and researchers from all backgrounds are invited to the open call. The diversity of participants in previous events has created fresh outlooks and exceptional work, and we intend to build on these unique synergies during our London event.

To apply, send the following information to info@becomebecome.com

– A statement about the project you wish to work on (max. 280 words)
– A bio (max. 180 words)
– A web link to your art work or research (if available)

How is the residency founded?

BecomeBecome is a non-profit network of individuals and social actors that host nomadic residencies across Europe and beyond. Our strategy is to keep costs to a minimum while sharing the resources of partners. We keep our open call free of charge and participants contribute a fee only once they have been admitted to ensure that the basic expenses can be covered.

The cost of the residency, including 8 nights accommodation in a double room at hotel Istellas, breakfast and one meal, excursions for visiting the territory, project development labs and the final exhibition, is 680€.

ARRIVAL on the 19th of JUNE,
DEPARTURE on the 27th of JUNE

21st OF APRIL 2018

Rolling admission LIMITED TO 12 PARTICIPANTS.

Early application strongly advised.

For more info: