1st International Sculpture Workshop

03-08 SEPTEMBER 2017

With the patronage of MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art of Barcelona) and
Local Government of Nurri and the Proloco Association



IVYnode organized the 1st Workshop of the Sculpture in Nurri, Sardinia with the Professor Mer Jiménez Marrodán and the support of the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) of Barcelona.

International and local artists met together for learning the technic of sculpture. The course took place in Nurri, Sardinia. The participants had the opportunity to learn the techniques of  sculpture of human anatomy. The workshop was aimed for both beginners and experts, and has been an opportunity to acquire knowledges, but also to know the authenticity of Sardinia.

The course has been organized in the tourist complex Istellas which is located on the shores of Lake Flumendosa, in the center of the island of Sardinia, surrounded by vegetation in an area rich in history and traditions. A natural and calm environment that helps to enjoy a very comfortable stay and favors the artistic process.


Mer Jiménez Marrodán, sculptress with a specialization in Stone and Bronze bursts into the national artistic market with a work of a certain claiming character, truly original. A work that gives us back the great taste of the Great Art. Her work demonstrates a character that is reflected in the power of the forms, in the fullness of the features, in the strength of the volumes and in the hierarchization of values ​​in specific parts of the body. Her knowledge of sculptural anatomy is evident in the treatment of forms and in every detail.

She currently teaches sculpture at the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) in Barcelona, ​​where she has some of her works in the permanent collection.

For more information you can visit the page www.merescultora.com


In the mornings local artists and international artist learned the technics of sculpture, and in the afternoon they had the possibility to visit together the surroundings : Nuraghe Arrubiu, Tombs of Giants, Menhir Goni, Nuragic Village.
It has been an intense experience where people of different culture get together, creating moment of interchange also with the local community.