AUTENTICA Unconventional Art Fair


IVYnode is delight to announce the new Node AUTENTICA UNCONVENTIONAL ART FAIR, the new independent fair of contemporary art which will take place in Verona from the 8th to the 10th of June, with the purpose to create a space for artistic and cultural realities, to feed a restless research and to experiment new forms of expression.

The fair is born of a careful analysis of the Italian exhibiting scenery with the awareness that an independent artistic-cultural “container”(important and international)  has been missing, in Veneto region, during the month of June. It is a well-targeted and interresting choice, which will give to collectors, experts in the field, art and culture lovers, the chance to experience and share a new artistic, cultural and trade proposal.

AUTENTICA UNCONVENTIONAL FAIR desires to become a concrete cultural engine and meeting point with a precise and definite identity without being an empty imitation of independent exhibiting realities in other italian regions. There will be national and international renowned artists, with personalities of the cultural realities that will adorn the event.

Through talks, happenings and live shows, they will create a neverending and captivating iteration with the audience. Here some of the invited guests : the literary research magazine ANTEREM, the international photography award GOMMA GRANT, the art critic GIAN RUGGERO MANZONI, the Spanish poet MIGUEL ÁNGEL CUEVAS, the musician ALBERTO MESIRCA and the writer MARIA ATTANASIO.